Managed Testing Services enables you to hand over the testing of the app to a dedicated team that integrates with your development team and manages the testing process and outcomes.

    • Services
      • Tailored test strategy to meet your business goals and manage risks
      • Custom-fit test process to suit your development process which is documented to keep it consistent
      • Dedicated, customer-centric, and business-minded software testers
      • Timely and accurate feedback on app quality for developers and business
      • Test environment management and maintenance
      • Usability testing to fine-tune your app for adoption and great user experience
    • Outcomes
      • Peace of mind – testing activities are seamlessly integrated into your development process
      • Continuous information on current and potential quality issues
      • Increased customer satisfaction when the application delivers the value without issues and delights the users

    On-demand mobile app and web app testing is a great option when you seek to boost your testing capacity and complement the existing skill set for a period of time

    • Services
      • Risk evaluation and quality analysis of the app
      • Exploratory testing for a targeted area of choice (testing scenarios, functions, integrations)
      • End-to-end testing for business-critical scenarios
      • Regression testing to cover areas
      • API testing (if applicable) 
    • Outcomes
      • Improved user experience after launching the updated app
      • Report on functional issues and potential threats to quality
      • Quality improvement plan 

    Test automation is a valuable tool that will take care of continuously checking critical functionality after code deployment, and that will let human testers focus on exploratory testing.

    • Test automation services
      • Advice and support for preparing the app for test automation
      • Develop automated tests for quick and automatic checking for failures in important user scenarios via end-to-end test automation
      • Ongoing maintenance and enhancements of automated tests
      • Aggregated reports on test run results for developers

    Consulting services are for you if you are trying to tackle complex quality issues with your app, it’s worth taking a few steps back, inviting a pair of fresh eyes to disentangle and diagnose the problem. If you’re looking for insightful and actionable advice on practical steps for improvement, book a consulting session with us

    • Consulting
      • Software development and testing process quality improvements
      • Strategic planning for app development (discovery, prototyping, validating ideas etc)