E-commerce platform

Custom built e-commerce platform that is based on a single product database, but could serve a number or specialized storefronts. Built to SEO optimize each product category to maximum with specialized domains and custom content specific to that store. All storefronts in turn would pass incoming orders to a unified backend within which all the orders would be handled by a single team from a single place. At peak the platform was serving more than 50 storefronts from a single backend with a common product database.

Live timing and results platform

Application for sports event result monitoring during the events and also accessing the results after completion of the event. Live event results are integrated with a hardware time tracking solution that is reporting the times to the application which in turn is capable of presenting them to the customers in real time.

Contractor procurement

Public facing site that helps people find the right contractor for their project. Customers set up their procurement on the site and open it up for offers from contractors. During a predetermined period by the procurement organizer contractors can make offers on the price for performing the objective of the procurement. Period can vary from 3 days to a month. If a customer finds a suitable offer, they are allowed to complete the procurement prematurely, to start working with the contractor immediately. On the other hand if no suitable offers are made to the procurement the organizer is not obliged…

Software Testing

Managed Testing Services Managed Testing Services enables you to hand over the testing of the app to a dedicated team that integrates with your development team and manages the testing process and outcomes On-demand mobile app and web app testing On-demand mobile app and web app testing is a great option when you seek to boost your testing capacity and complement the existing skill set for a period of time Test automation Test automation is a valuable tool that will take care of continuously checking critical functionality after code deployment, and that will let human testers focus on exploratory testing…