Automotive marketing CRM

Tailor built for an automotive marketing company that did not find any pre-existing CRM to be fitting their needs and workflows. Existing CRMs were unable to be customized to the degree that was required for them at the time. CRM had tight integration to the services that the company provided in the area of online marketing. From within the CRM had capabilities to control all the services that the company provided to their customers – SEO, different verticals of marketing, specialized content production.

Video content SEO platform

Application that allowed users to manage and get video embedding scripts for their websites for branded and curated video content. Video content was targeted at providing tips on different aspects of car ownership – starting from what to take into account when selecting and purchasing a vehicle all the way through ownership and maintenance of the car to how to sell one once you are ready to do so. Within the application, customers could select different videos from the library and create custom content injectors to use on their website in appropriate areas. Then embedding said injectors on their websites…

Coaching platform

Flexible on-demand asynchronous coaching via video, voice or text messages to scale the reach and impact as a coach.Transcends the limitations of time zones and mismatching schedules by offering clients any time, any place access to available content. Engages clients in specific and targeted micro-interactions between coaching sessions for steady progress towards their goals and allows to establish goals and monitor results for each of the individual client or groups of clients to ensure high customer satisfaction Asynchronous video based tool to assist coaches and their mentees communicate without constraints of timezones. Main focus of the application is on the…

Financing aggregator

Web application with an accompanying browser plugin. Used for helping dealerships in get credit applications for their customers submitted to various financing providers. Tackles a problem of various lenders not having APIs to leverage for submitting financing requests. Solved via browser extension helping the dealership representative to fill in the credit applications on behalf of the customer – task that was done completely manually prior to this application.

Online bookkeeping

Helps small business owners to get their bookkeeping done by providing accessibility to expert CPAs, predictable pricing, and speed to financial numbers delivered through technology. Xendoo’s proprietary technology allows the expert bookkeeping team up to 10x the productivity of a traditional bookkeeper and CPA. In partnership with Xero, Xendoo offers a monthly bookkeeping solution driven by real-time data and most importantly, real people.

Documentation management platform

Centralized document management application focused on large scale commercial property development. Meant for usage all the way from prior to the building process starting all the way into the usage and maintenance of the property. For construction phase includes project and other documentation management with contractors, architects, state regulatory bodies. All related bodies would have access to relevant documentation that can be managed by the property developer.  In the post construction phase is meant to help with upkeep and inspections of the building. Allows to collect and share various inspection and maintenance reports from the inspectors or making historical data…

David R Cameroon CEO

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